Sunday, September 20, 2009

ZZ TOP concert review 9/19

WZXL welcomed back the Texas Bad Boys' for their latest round of Hi-Voltage Rock to the stage at House of Blues! Testing..Testing..Test 1..Test 2..

Media pass>CHECK..

WZXL Live concert warm-up location broadcast(Thanks to my crew)*>CHECK

Ear Plugs in pocket>CHECK

Let's ROCK!

Opened with a killer: Got me Under Pressure! Tight and Rockin' "A"

TOO MANY unfamiliar depth cuts! (yawn..) D

AWESOME choice of "familiar" deep cuts: Party on the Patio..' Just Got Paid! B+
Blistering cover of Hendrix' Foxy Lady A+

OK interaction with crowd (our listeners!)..Seen better however, Kept talk down*

Billy Gibbons was very hoarse** cold conjestion? condition?

Energy A+

Did NOT play: Tube Snake Boogie! F-

I stayed for the traditional encore which always includes: Tube Snake Boogie!

I NEVER stay for encores, EVER..(beat the traffic guy, I am)***

ZZ Top backstage crew appalling! Is that a word?? The opening band told me they asked their guy for a pen and he screamed obsenities back while asking if he looked like an "f**in stationery store!" ZZ Top under guard and walled off from fan interaction F--

Why I LOVE my job: I don't pay for these tickets**(and our great listeners DON'T either..)..
Oh..Thanks to the ZXL listener who gave ME a shirt..(ZZ Top fans rock..I will wear it THANKS)

Grade: C-


At 11:43 AM, Blogger Rick said...

Steve...nice blog
I had a chance to meet Mr. Gibbons about fifteen years ago going into the old Rhiga Royal Hotel in NYC. He signed an autograph for me but used the excuse "I gotta pee" to dodge the other seekers.
Found out they are playing in Budapest next month...but it's a week before we're going :^{

At 1:37 PM, Blogger Steve Raymond said...

WOW! Nice! Budapest? really? That sounds like a cool trip. Hopefully the only earthquake tremor you might feel is the opening riff of Sharp Dressed Man (awesome)*


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