Friday, November 21, 2014

INTERVIEW: Recording Engineer/Producer and Author Glyn Johns

November 21, 2014: Glyn Johns, Author of Soundman

Glyn Johns average work day? How about in the studio, behind the controls and managing the sound and recording of: Let It Be, Abby Road, Led Zeppelin 1, Beggars Banquet,; Sticky Fingers, Eagles, On The Border; The Kinks, You Really Got Me, The WHO, Quadrophenia, Who's Next, WHO Are You, Eric Clapton's Slowhand, Rod Stewart/FACES, Paul McCartney & Wings and most recently Ryan Adams and Nora Jones sessions. This man was there for ALL of it….

AND he tells me his thoughts on the burning controversies of the day: DID Yoko break up the Beatles? Who hasn't he worked with that he wish he had?  Will Led Zeppelin regroup and tour?

We can only read and speculate about it, Glyn tells it like it is......... 

“Glyn Johns was there. He was there at some of the most important recording sessions in Rock and Roll. Reading his book, you are standing beside him as he sets up the studio in readiness for the arrival of groups like Led Zeppelin, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. For me it is a fantastic romp through the pages of Rock and Roll history.”
—Sir Paul McCartney

“Glyn Johns has been a very important person in my recording life (and also his brother Andy).  Glyn was the first recording engineer who helped me to understand recording and through that he was very supportive in introducing me to a lot of sessions with important people such as Ben Sidren, Leon Russell, Ronnie Lane, Pete Townshend and Howling Wolf. This together, of course, with many of the great recordings he did with us. He is one of the best.”
—Charlie Watts

Sound Man will make readers aware of the many sides of Glyn Johns, a giant of a man and one of my best friends from the moment we met in 1963 to present day. Apart from his genius behind the faders and success as the producer of myriad hits, his humor comes through here, together with his unfailing desire to do the very best work he could in the face of some frighteningly egotistical artists.”—Bill Wyman

“If you remember the sixties then you probably weren't there, unless of course your name is Glyn Johns. Sound Man is an intimate, humorous journey through the corridors of the music industry, as told by one of the greatest record producers of all time. I'm proud to be mentioned here and there, and to have worked with Johns on so many memorable occasions. A great read!”
—Eric Clapton


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